The Best Laid Plans...

20190131We announced our plans to buy an EV and take our travels international in January of 2017.  We laid out an 18 month timeline to accomplish this transition and darned if we didn’t make it!! We had purchased and moved into our new EV by July 7, 2018! 

The funny thing is, you’d never know how many times we thought, “we have no idea how this is going to pan out,” how many times it felt like the universe looked at our plans from January 2017 and laughed at us.   We had so many ups and downs during the time between making the decision and boarding the flight to pick up the EV and start traveling again. 


So many pieces of the puzzle had to fall into place to make this happen and some days we just couldn’t see the end result being what we had hoped.  We endured the loss of a beloved pet, changes in work status, the loss of loved ones, and an unexpected winter in California when our second dog took ill.  Our 18 months of planning and preparing honestly kind of went down the drain.  Savings slated for this purchase and journey went to fund more pressing matters,  plans for a winter spent at home prepping the house and getting our business ready for the next level turned into 6 months scurrying around the Lower 48 in my Grandma’s compact car.  

The purpose here is not to whine or complain, but rather to point out why we just gave up making plans and to offer encouragement.  We set intentions, we set goals, we make !#*% happen, but we’ve thrown the plans out the window, because the journey is never what you plan it to be and when you get to the other side, many times the alternative is better anyway.  The lesson we’ve taken home in the past year is simple: 


You are exactly where you’re meant to be

every moment of every day,

doing exactly what you’re meant to be doing.  


Seriously,  we look back now on the past 20 months and we can see why we were where we were exactly when we were there.  Say that five times fast.  

So when your plans don’t go just as you had hoped and you can’t figure out how you’re going to make those dreams become a reality because life just keeps happening, don’t give up. 

You can still do it! 

It may take a little longer, it might not happen exactly as you had hoped, it may cost you more than you expected and you don’t know where the extra will come from. However, if you keep taking steps forward, no matter how tiny and working through the issue as they arise,  you’ll find your way. 

No one ever said it was going to be easy, but odds are it’s going to be worth it!   

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