Do you travel with pets?

We travel full-time with our three cats (yes, three) - Coyote, Slinky, and Callie. They're siblings who were the only ones in the litter. We wanted two cats, and two of them 'claimed' us; but there was no way we could separate them. We love them all! Who are your traveling animal companions? 


  • First, TTIWWOP.  LOL  How do I add photos of my girls?!

    Second, we travel BECAUSE of our girls!  We have two adorable Australian Shepards, Delta and Kappa, (IG @TheAdventuresofDelta) and our goal is to take them to as many places as possible where they can run free, play in water, and find new smells to explore everyday! We're not fans of leashes, so we try to get as far away from people as possible so we can just let them roam and not have to worry about someone getting upset when they go over to say hi.

    One of the best experiences we're ever had...
    We were exploring the Sierra mountains on labor day weekend, which was a mistake because everywhere we went, no matter how far off the beaten trail, we found people.  ugh.  We finally made our way up to snow lake and were thrilled when we found there were 3 other couples there... all of which had puppies off-leash and wandering around, and no kids!  Needless to say, we made fast friends and everyone had a great time!  

    In our travels, it's not that we're trying to avoid people... we're trying to find the right people, for us!  And we've been lucky to many an adventure!
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